At Pinaroc Taekwondo we have classes for children and adults of all ages. Whether you are interested in a great physical fitness program, building character or have aspirations of becoming a world class athlete, Pinaroc Taekwondo is the program for you.

Children Ages 4-6

At this age, the program  emphasizes coordination, fitness and flexibility. It also teaches personal safety and reinforces parental values such as respect, self control and discipline.

Children Ages 7-12

This program teaches children basic goal setting skills and utilizes a positive reinforcement system for good behavior, preparing them for life's little challenges.  At this age, children will gain self discipline, self respect and self-esteem.  Their confidence level will increase through the leadership skills they will learn.

Teens Ages 13-17

These young adults will also benefit by gaining self discipline, self respect and self-esteem. While learning to develop their leadership skills, they will be more inclined to cope with the pressures that are associated with being a teenager.

Men and Women 18 and up

This program consists of men and women searching for a fitness program that will help enable him or her to get in shape, lose weight, relieve stress and develop a self-defense mechanism.

Competition Team


This program is designed for those who have aspirations of competing locally, nationally and internationally.

Pinaroc Taekwondo is home to numerous State, National and International Champions.

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