dojang etiquette

  • Always wear a clean uniform.

  • Only Taekwondo shoes are allowed on the dojang floor.

  • Bow to the flags when stepping on and off the dojang floor.

  • Bow when greeting all Instructors and Black Belts.

  • Address all Instructors as sir or ma'am.

  • If you are late to class, wait off the floor with your hand raised unless an Instructor gives you permission to enter.

  • Turn away from the flags and Instructors when adjusting your belt or uniform.

  • Do not leave class without permission from an instructor.

  • Do not use equipment without permission from the instructor.

  • Name calling, foul language, and misconduct will not be tolerated.

  • Keep the dojang clean. Help put away equipment. Throw away any trash and keep personal belongings off the dojang floor.

  • Junior belts will show respect to senior belts, and senior belts will set an example for them to follow.

  • After Instructors, the senior belt in class is responsible for maintaining order and discipline.

  • Spectators and parents should remain quiet during classes and refrain from coaching.

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