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Dojang Rules

  • Always wear a clean uniform.

  • Only Taekwondo shoes are allowed on the dojang floor.

  • Bow to the flags when stepping on and off the dojang floor.

  • Bow when greeting all Instructors and Black Belts.

  • Address all Instructors as sir or ma'am.

  • If you are late to class, wait off the floor with your hand raised unless an Instructor gives you permission to enter.

  • Turn away from the flags and Instructors when adjusting your belt or uniform.

  • Do not leave class without permission from an instructor.

  • Do not use equipment without permission from the instructor.

  • Name calling, foul language, and misconduct will not be tolerated.

  • Keep the dojang clean. Help put away equipment. Throw away any trash and keep personal belongings off the dojang floor.

  • Junior belts will show respect to senior belts, and senior belts will set an example for them to follow.

  • After Instructors, the senior belt in class is responsible for maintaining order and discipline.

  • Spectators and parents should remain quiet during classes and refrain from coaching.


School Oath

I will do things to make my body strong.

I will develop self discipline, self respect and respect for others.

I will use common sense before self defense.

I belong to a Black Belt school.

I am dedicated, motivated and on a quest to be my best.


School Code

1.  Obey and Respect your Parents.

2. Do your best in school and work.

3. Do your best in Taekwondo.



White Belt

White Belt to Yellow Stripe


Yellow Stripe

Yellow Stripe to Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt.png

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt to Green Stripe

Green Stripe.png

Green Stripe

Green Stripe to Green Belt

Green Belt.png

Green Belt

Green Belt to Blue Stripe

Blue Stripe.png

Blue Stripe 

Blue Stripe to Blue Belt

Blue Belt.png

Blue Belt

Blue Belt to Red Stripe

Red Stripe.png

Red Stripe

Red Stripe to Red Belt

Red Belt 

Red Belt to Black Stripe

Black Stripe

Black Stripe to Deputy Belt

Deputy Belt

Deputy Black Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt

White Belt.png