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"My daughter came to Pinaroc TKD to learn how to kick and spar, but gained much more.  She developed confidence in herself in a supportive, family-like environment.  I would recommend Pinaroc to anyone wanting their kid to learn TKD and grow in a positive setting."

"We have been with Pinaroc Taekwondo since it’s beginning. Master Jeff has become a part of our family; a brother to our parents and a second father to us. He is an amazing teacher and coach not only in the ring but also in life. We have gone through many wins and losses together, good times along with the bad. Sabumnim always believes in our capabilities and has encouraging words at all times. The Pinaroc team are our brothers and sisters at heart. To us, Pinaroc Taekwondo is a home away from home."

“My son has been with Pinaroc Taekwondo since 2008.  In that time, my son has developed into a leader, and a young man with determination in all of his endeavors.  In August of 2015, he achieved one of his goals in TKD, he earned his first degree black belt.  Now he is on his next journey and that’s to earn his second degree black belt.  My daughter is following in her brother’s footsteps.  She has been with Pinaroc for 4 years and in that time she too has great determination.  Both kids have competed at the highest level — The National Championships!  Laura has placed in all 3 championships.  Pinaroc Taekwondo is a family where they all grow together.  They are a team who supports each other through good times and bad times.  Through it all, my kids wouldn’t give it up.”

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